• Do some of your workers see others taking dangerous risks—yet say nothing?
  • Why don’t they speak up? And what can be done about it?
  • How often does someone speak up but suffer retaliation for it later?
  • When people do speak up, do others get angry and distracted?

Learning Objectives for Building a Culture of Safety Accountability

  • Learn what it takes to empower your workers to speak up
  • Tips for speaking in a way that makes it likely they will be heard, but not suffer later
  • How to listen to feedback and choose to not retaliate
  • What does it mean to “listen down” and why it will make your company safer
  • The power of EQ—different from & as important as IQ
  • Feedback given safely to anyone by anyone
  • Positional power: how it contributes to a culture of not speaking up & what to do about it

An initial assessment, a customized 1 hour seminar + 1 (30 min) session of follow up. Initial event is intended for a small group of company leaders.