Construction Industry

We have conducted technical safety training to thousands of construction workers.  We recognize that the best tool for safety is good communication.  This includes quality of management and foremen who can have crucial conversations with their crew mates.

Problems We Solve

Exposure to Injuries

Sometimes construction workers take risks on the job site because they feel they have to in order to get the job done.  They take a shortcut or they do not follow proper safety protocol. Others who see risky behavior might not know what to say, or how to properly react. Often they will say nothing. For good reasons.

Do you have an inconsistency of approach when it comes to your safety culture?  Are your supervisors consistent when discipline is needed?  Are they able to hold others accountable and demonstrate the empathy required to maintain strong relationships with others?

It is not easy to give feedback to co-workers. It is especially difficult to speak up to a superior. And as a superior it can be very challenging to listen to someone with lower rank.

We will help your people improve the way they communicate.  We will give you the support you need to change your culture, in the way you want to, and reduce the risk of injuries.  We will help you build a stronger Culture of Safety Accountability, from the inside out.

Expensive Inefficiencies?

How often do your people make mistakes when communicating vital information?  Like where a backhoe should be delivered?  Or an important deadline for a client?  Or a crucial detail on a purchase order?  How much did all that cost you last year?

We teach your workers how to communicate more effectively and precisely, lowering your overall construction costs, and improving your bottom line.

Leadership Gaps.

Sometimes your leaders are just not leading.  They were great workers, who became foremen and now supervisors or directors.  But they never learned the skills necessary to truly lead others.  They lack the vision or the capacity to enroll others into a larger vision.   Do they need some coaching support and some leadership development work?

Sometimes they lack management skills.  They know how to get substantial work done.  And you trust them for that.   But perhaps they are not the best at building strong relationships or supervising others.   Maybe you have high turnover, or have had conflicts that did not end well with clients or co-workers.  They never received management training.  They did not learn how to communicate effectively with others who may have different personalities, or ways of working.

They do not know what to say or do when others bend or break the safety rules.

We make it easier.

First we will help you identify the real reasons you have inconsistencies and other troubles in your safety culture.  We help you assess the deeper root causes of injuries.   We help you understand why it is that your people do not speak up more often, and more importantly, what it takes to change that.

Then we help you generate solutions that will, in time, lead to breakthroughs in the way people communicate and act on the job site.  Your people will establish new communication habits and the necessary awareness that makes giving and receiving feedback more likely. We coach you on how to be more disciplined about giving feedback up the ladder of power, and help those at the top to “listen down” more effectively. This process will improve your business in three ways:  it will improve your safety record, make you more efficient and will build leadership among all your workers.

Expect improved communication and fewer injuries. Expect a better bottom line.

Interested in learning more? Contact us to learn how we can contribute to your business.