We all have challenges, at times, when attempting to collaborate with others on a given project. And we all need help from time to time having or facilitating a courageous dialogue with co-workers, direct reports or our boss. Much as we hate to admit it, we know that conflict is an inevitable part of our work lives. So instead of pretending it isn’t there. Instead of getting out the broom and lifting the carpet, why not greet conflict at the door and embrace it like an old friend? Well, because we are all afraid of it. Right? Well, since conflict has been around us, in some form, most of our lives, why not learn how to embrace it as just another part of life? Doing so makes it easier to work with and that courageous dialogue which needs to happen will happen sooner with that attitude.

To have that attitude we need both our inner-awareness and outer communication skills, especially when we are triggered. Come and learn the hard science behind the soft skills needed for today’s business analysts.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Transform your current relationship with conflict
  • Create safety when communication feels dangerous
  • Reduce costs by communicating more directly, especially in stressful environments
  • Learn to prevent and address interpersonal conflict in new and innovative ways
  • Use your power more constructively during disturbing moments