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Shaping healthy and safe work culture, one conversation at a time.

“The Esch Building a Culture of Safety Accountability program helped our staff understand that open communication is key to a successful safety culture.” Mitch Terry, District Manager, Crestview Water and Sanitation, Denver, CO

"Thanks again for contacting me and presenting the training. I think it was definitely worth our time." Craig Christians, Division Manager, Omaha Public Works, Omaha, NE

"Since your program my guys have spoken up several times, when they normally would not have, about safety matters. So there was real, practical value to your class." Tony Singh, Superintendent at Fiore and Sons, Colorado

“Safety training is always well received when the trainer has firsthand knowledge of the tools, equipment and people. Tom Esch scored a homerun with our employees!” Joe Cowan, Water Distribution Supervisor, City of Boulder, Colorado

“Thank you Tom Esch for presenting in such a way that made sense to all levels; from owners to laborers and everyone in-between.” Perry Silvey, Iron Woman Construction, Colorado

“Great course Tom. Well-tailored to the understanding of the students.” Bob Durkee, Principal Safety Consultant for OSHA

“Your presentation was very good. You have a lot of energy, your voice carries and you are knowledgeable. I will call you in the future to train some of my clients.” John Cunningham, President of Complete Safety, Colorado

“Tom Esch is very knowledgeable and is able to keep our employee’s attention.” Jeremy Frazee, Frazee Construction Co, Colorado Springs, CO

Tom is a uniquely skilled facilitator, consultant and coach on matters pertaining to retention and communication. He’s one of the best out there. -Joel Theisen, CEO of Lifesprk

There are few who could match the tremendous skill, compassion and authenticity with which Tom conducts his work. -Jenny Calahan, Paruan

Working with Tom helped us take our firm’s teamwork to a new level. He helped save us at least $250,000. -Investment Banking Firm, Minneapolis

I would highly recommend considering Tom Esch for team building, communication and cultural challenges in the workplace for anyone in health care.   -Tim Meyer, CEO of PARUAN

You were the most direct, phenomenal and entertaining speaker I have ever seen. -Dave Janssen, President, DesignWise

We will definitely have Tom back for more sessions! -Tonya Palmer, Hennepin County

Tom’s ability to work with teams to understand and embrace diversity while improving communication, is awesome. -Jennifer Anderson, President and CEO of Mirabelle Management “creators of EduCare”

Tom’s facilitation skills are unparalleled. -Sara Aschenbrener, Lifesprk

Tom’s presentation was full of wisdom, humor and humility. -Peter Bell, Metropolitan Council, Minnesota

You offer such depth in your work that ideas still swirl in the minds of people a year later. -Dean Hyers, Co-Founding Principal, SagePresence

Sign up for a different relationship with conflict in your life. -Stu Webb, Attorney & Founder, Collaborative Law Practice

I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants to learn to more effectively resolve conflict. -Matt Ulmer, Senior Internal Auditor, Springfield, IL

Thank you so much for the wonderful tips around handling conflict. -Mindy Duvernet, President of the Board, Minnesota IIBA

Tom engaged us the moment he started talking and made the presentation very relevant for our daily lives. -Matt Johnson, Financial Advisor, Minneapolis Financial Group

That was the most inspired presentation I have ever heard in my life. -Myron Lowe, I.T., University of Minnesota

I appreciated the time to talk through actual situations—this has been shown to be the only truly successful method for quickly incorporating this kind of material. -John Sandahl, Youth Frontiers, Minnesota

Please contact the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) again so we can have you back sometime in the future. That presentation was stellar. -Gail Toussaint, Business Analyst

Tom Esch’s easy-going manner and sense of humor combined with a willingness to share deeply personal stories to draw us in and ultimately inspire. -Carrie Rice, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mankato

Tom is one of the most engaging speakers around. -Carol Jean Peterson

If you get a chance to hear Tom, by all means, take advantage of it. -Guy M. Marzano, Northwestern Lumber Association

Our chamber members were treated to a thought-provoking, insightful and interactive learning experience thanks to Tom Esch. -Sarah Seeger, Midway Chamber of Commerce

The world needs more peacemakers like Tom working with issues of unawareness and resulting conflict. -Lyndall Johnson, President, Aslan Institute

Don’t cut the budget, give Tom Esch a raise. -Participant, Moscow, Idaho

I thought it was a great success. -Louise Livesay, Attorney

You are magic. Things are much better. Thanks so much! -Janet Ludden, CEO, ESI

Thanks for the great job you did Tom, it was really helpful having you and your contributions. -Terry Gips, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability and the Natural Step

Thanks for supporting and guiding us on this walk through most difficult places. Your process skills are impressive! -Pat Benson

I heard many very positive comments about the program. This will help us take safety to the next level. -Louie Moritz, Rice Lake Construction Group

Tom had me fully engaged from the word go! -Chris M, Fortune 500 company

Tom Esch a master presenter, a skilled negotiator and a fun guy to be around. He is a leader and a change agent. -Roland Sullivan, Founder, Minnesota Organizational Development Network

Tom provides a low-key but intense approach to understanding and resolving conflict. I would highly recommend him to any business owner. -Bill Hittler, Attorney and Shareholder, Nilan, Johnson and Lewis