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Esch Consulting, LLC

Shaping healthy and safe work culture, one conversation at a time.

Tom is a uniquely skilled facilitator, consultant and coach on matters pertaining to retention and communication. He’s one of the best out there. -Joel Theisen, CEO of Lifesprk

There are few who could match the tremendous skill, compassion and authenticity with which Tom conducts his work. -Jenny Calahan, Paruan

Working with Tom helped us take our firm’s teamwork to a new level. He helped save us at least $250,000. -Investment Banking Firm, Minneapolis

I would highly recommend considering Tom Esch for team building, communication and cultural challenges in the workplace for anyone in health care.   -Tim Meyer, CEO of PARUAN

You were the most direct, phenomenal and entertaining speaker I have ever seen. -Dave Janssen, President, DesignWise

We will definitely have Tom back for more sessions! -Tonya Palmer, Hennepin County

Tom’s ability to work with teams to understand and embrace diversity while improving communication, is awesome. -Jennifer Anderson, President and CEO of Mirabelle Management “creators of EduCare”

Tom’s facilitation skills are unparalleled. -Sara Aschenbrener, Lifesprk

Tom’s presentation was full of wisdom, humor and humility. -Peter Bell, Metropolitan Council, Minnesota

You offer such depth in your work that ideas still swirl in the minds of people a year later. -Dean Hyers, Co-Founding Principal, SagePresence

Sign up for a different relationship with conflict in your life. -Stu Webb, Attorney & Founder, Collaborative Law Practice

I would recommend Tom to anyone who wants to learn to more effectively resolve conflict. -Matt Ulmer, Senior Internal Auditor, Springfield, IL

Thank you so much for the wonderful tips around handling conflict. -Mindy Duvernet, President of the Board, Minnesota IIBA

Tom engaged us the moment he started talking and made the presentation very relevant for our daily lives. -Matt Johnson, Financial Advisor, Minneapolis Financial Group

That was the most inspired presentation I have ever heard in my life. -Myron Lowe, I.T., University of Minnesota

I appreciated the time to talk through actual situations—this has been shown to be the only truly successful method for quickly incorporating this kind of material. -John Sandahl, Youth Frontiers, Minnesota

Please contact the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) again so we can have you back sometime in the future. That presentation was stellar. -Gail Toussaint, Business Analyst

Tom Esch’s easy-going manner and sense of humor combined with a willingness to share deeply personal stories to draw us in and ultimately inspire. -Carrie Rice, Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Mankato

Tom is one of the most engaging speakers around. -Carol Jean Peterson

If you get a chance to hear Tom, by all means, take advantage of it. -Guy M. Marzano, Northwestern Lumber Association

Our chamber members were treated to a thought-provoking, insightful and interactive learning experience thanks to Tom Esch. -Sarah Seeger, Midway Chamber of Commerce

The world needs more peacemakers like Tom working with issues of unawareness and resulting conflict. -Lyndall Johnson, President, Aslan Institute

Don’t cut the budget, give Tom Esch a raise. -Participant, Moscow, Idaho

I thought it was a great success. -Louise Livesay, Attorney

You are magic. Things are much better. Thanks so much! -Janet Ludden, CEO, ESI

Thanks for the great job you did Tom, it was really helpful having you and your contributions. -Terry Gips, Executive Director, Alliance for Sustainability and the Natural Step

Thanks for supporting and guiding us on this walk through most difficult places. Your process skills are impressive! -Pat Benson

I heard many very positive comments about the program. This will help us take safety to the next level. -Louie Moritz, Rice Lake Construction Group

Tom had me fully engaged from the word go! -Chris M, Fortune 500 company

Tom Esch a master presenter, a skilled negotiator and a fun guy to be around. He is a leader and a change agent. -Roland Sullivan, Founder, Minnesota Organizational Development Network

Tom provides a low-key but intense approach to understanding and resolving conflict. I would highly recommend him to any business owner. -Bill Hittler, Attorney and Shareholder, Nilan, Johnson and Lewis

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