Services Offered by Esch Consulting:
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Helping clients clarify so they may create the alignment they need to a shape a healthy work-culture.
Esch Consulting Services


Generate greater emotional and physical safety which leads to higher levels of trust, fewer incidents and a better bottom line.
Esch Consulting Services

Conflict Prevention

Empower your people to recognize and manage their positional power with greater sensitivity, which will build effective relationships, lower stress and make the most of interpersonal and cultural differences.
Esch Consulting Services

Keynote Speaking

Provocative and engaging messages on the less-known-but-crucial aspects of communication. Inspiring content delivered with humor and elegance.

“Working with Tom helped us take our firm’s teamwork to a new level. He helped save us at least $250,000.” -Investment Banking Firm, Minneapolis

“Tom helped our company by doing some coaching and assessments. He reduced our attrition by about 60%. In doing so, he saved us about $60,000. I highly recommend him to you as a coach, consultant or facilitator." -Brian Rousslang, Xigent Solutions

“The ‘circle’ was effective because of your skills. It appears your degree is at a doctorate level due to experience.” -Tim Amundsen

“You really have a gift in facilitating these challenging conversations Tom, and I’m thrilled you are so passionate about sharing this process with others!” -Deb Lemay

“Tom Esch is deeply tested and certified in the area of conflict. His true calling is assisting people and groups to identify and utilize and resolve confict, specializing in conflict resolution, learning, and equipping of people for it.” -John Johnson, Senior Independent Consultant

"Tom assisted my organization in having a very difficult conversation. In a short amount of time, Tom helped us to move forward together. The experience exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend Tom for conflict resolution work." -Sally Ankerfelt

“Tom moderated a large group conversation, setting a gentle, respectful tone. His moderation allowed challenging opinions to be voiced, and heard. Dialogue was accomplished with this model.” -Christine Furlong, Minnesota Department of Corrections

“Nice work and you delivered calm in the midst of trauma. Thank you for your guidance and skills to keep things in motion with a gentle strength.” -Janie Jasin, CSP, speaker, author

“Tom’s impressive facilitation skills and capacity to maintain neutrality, gave us the space we needed to be able to make important decisions. He helped us move our organization in a positive direction.” -Mark Peters, Executive Director of LCPPM

“Great job facilitating our meetings in November. Your presence there was key. You kept us grounded and moving forward.” -Fr. Bob White, St.Victoria Parish Family

“Tom was able to create a safe place for us all to be heard and acknowledged, and a place for our collective to face truths about ourselves and each other so we could start to make positive changes.” -Sarah, Nationally known performing company

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