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As a team, we have the ability to guide your employees in developing their interpersonal communications skills. Working with you and teams at all levels on a daily basis helps us uncover blind spots as well as promote emotional intelligence by increasing awareness of non-verbal cues between each other that can help increase productivity or collaboration within groups working towards common goals – this includes anyone from managers up through executives!


  • Better self awareness for blindspot 
  • Greater capacity to have crucial conversations 
  • Ability to generate more revenue consistently


We offer 3 to 12-month one-on-one session packages that we work with key leaders to build their interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution tactics and leverage authority to increase management capabilities that are transformative within the workplace. We know that everyone is different- which means no two people will ever have exactly what they need from us or anyone else out there. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we’ve got a powerful practice that will take your leadership skills to the next level and transcend communication within the workplace.


  •  Better self awareness for blindspot 
  • Greater capacity to have crucial conversations 
  • Ability to generate more revenue consistently

Roland Sullivan, Original 100 Change Agent

Tom’s combination of grit and grace is a rare blend.”

Shelli Stanger Nelson

Founder, President of Healing Professionals, LLC


Leaders who want to be successful in their positions require a strong team. If you’re looking for engaging group training events, then we’ve got what it takes! We can teach participants how to communicate more effectively with others and learn about accountability practices as well as awareness of rank during our workshops. Participants will also grow into confident communicators that use powerful communication tools like “5-Part Blueprint For Conscious Conversations™”  as a leader you will be equipped to navigate the bumps in every company. Your employees can expect them to leverage their power more effectively and build healthy work cultures while enhancing productivity!


  • Increase productivity
  • Capacity to lead into conflict
  • effective management tactics
  • Learn holding people accountable in the workplace

Joe Strande, Internal Audit Senior Manager for Old Republic Title & Twin Cities IIA Program Chair

I’ve taken TONS of training over the years and you’ve been one of the most impactful trainers I’ve ever had.

Scott Zaczkowski

Head of Internal Audit, Metropolitan Airport Commission

Tom is a uniquely skilled trainer on matters pertaining to retention and communication. He offered more than we expected. He’s one of the best out there.

Joel Theisen

CEO, Lifesprk


We have a knack for rerouting traffic and reconnecting leaders to their mission. We know that, sometimes, it can all seem so overwhelming- but we don’t want you going through life feeling lost when there are ways to make your business more profitable! Our customized half day or full day workshops will help bring focus back into the workplace with expert facilitation from our team who specializes in helping businesses align themselves towards success by getting real about what matters most before them.


    • Fun, interactive and effective exercises
    • Time and space to solve people challenges

Peter Bell, Former Chair of the Metropolitan Council

Working with Tom helped us take our firm’s teamwork to a new level. He helped save us at least $250,000.

Confidential Client, Minneapolis MN


Certain unsaid things, over time, can seriously hurt your business. We facilitate conscious conversations in mid-sized or small group settings, where challenging topics can be safely and productively discussed. We build bridges of connection where there have been roadblocks. We create an environment for direct communication that leads to positive breakthroughs.

Adam Tripp, The Builders Group

I’ve seen Tom Esch facilitate, lead, and coach inside the construction environment, and also some other venues outside of AEC. He’s bold, sensitive, and defies comparison to anyone else I know. He definitely has a gift.

Dean Hyers

Co-founder, Sage Presence

Tom kept us all fully engaged.

Betty Emarita

Development and Training, Inc.

Tom delivered his speech with great enthusiasm and professionalism tailored with loads of humor. I would recommend Tom for any speaking opportunities. 

Shrima Karthik

VP of Professional Development, PMI Central Illinois Chapter

Tom Esch delivered the second highest rated presentation at our Professional Development Day. Out of 23 speakers at the event, his evaluations placed him just a fraction below the top-rated speaker, and above the three keynote speakers!

Stewart J. Mednick

President, IIBA MSP Chapter

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