Health Care

Life in the trenches for those who care for our seniors and others in need can be very challenging.  There are a variety of things which makes things stressful for your workforce–high turnover, the struggle to recruit the right people and strained communication patterns.  When staff relationships are not ideal the quality of service often drops. Retention becomes even more difficult and care is compromised.

We solve challenges related to a variety of issues, including interpersonal differences, culture, gender, race and unconscious use or misuse of power.  We do this through leadership development and careful consulting which happens via assessment, education, coaching and training.

We focus on keener awareness of positional power and understanding cultural differences. Knowing when to be culturally sensitive and when to expect people to adopt to a local culture can be a complex Pandora’s box.

We make it simple for people to build positive relationships, retain good workers and become strong teams.

We offer facilitation, consultation and training services to the following organizations who work to support those who are aging: nursing homes, home health care, hospitals, assisted living centers, adult day services.

health care