Municipal Industries

Municipal Industries

We understand that human communication can be challenging within municipalities. We have been working within big cities and small cities for two decades.  We help teams gain skills that help everyone improve communications, increase productivity, and find more job satisfaction.

Problems We Solve

Too many injuries

Do your construction workers take risks on the job site because they feel they have to in order to get the job done? Do they take shortcuts or ignore proper safety protocols?

Do others who see the risky behavior speak up?  Or do they follow the ordinary path and say nothing?  For good reasons.

Do you have an inconsistency of approach when it comes to your safety culture?  Are your supervisors consistent when discipline is needed?  Are they able to hold others accountable and demonstrate the empathy required to maintain strong relationships with others?

We will help your people improve the way they communicate.  We will give you the support you need to change your culture, in the way you want to, and reduce the risk of injuries.  We will help you build a stronger Culture of Safety Accountability, from the inside out.

Individual challenges

Someone is deep in their own mud. They can’t easily move. They are under performing because they are bored, conflicted inside or afraid of something. They need to get moving. Fast. Through individualized assessment and coaching Esch Consulting, LLC can get them up and out of the mud. Back on the road. Calmly back on the horse.

Interpersonal challenges

Someone is stuck in the muck with another person. They are technically or technologically very smart, but in need of some people-skill development. Feelings are strong. Things are awkward and painful. No one knows what to say or do. Esch Consulting, LLC knows what to say and what to do. And we inspire you to do the same. You will be able to speak up and listen with humility. Until you get out of the muck and achieve the amazing results you want.

Group challenges

A group is not playing well with other groups.  People are misusing the seniority they have earned.  Internal competition has gotten too aggressive. They are in danger of spiraling down.  We understand the people-dynamics behind stressful and unsafe work environments. And we know that poor communication makes things less safe.

Organizational challenges

A whole organization is slightly off their game. The focus has been lost or there are dynamics that are hurting the mission. Esch Consulting, LLC can help reestablish clarity, build bridges across relational divides, and teach skills necessary to get the ball moving down field.

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