Non-Profit and Religious Organizations

Non-profit organizations have unique challenges and opportunities. Our “insider” experience enables us to effectively and compassionately provide facilitation and training to solve problems and achieve results.

Problems We Solve

Don’t stir the pot. Isn’t that the advice we often hear? Is the staff at odds with the board?  Are there tension points between people of different races or ethnic backgrounds? Is there a painful history that has not been processed? Are there unresolved challenges?

We specialize in “stirring the pot” in a way that keeps the stew cooking and prevents things from burning. We help create resolution when people would rather sweep things under the rug.

When people are conflicted internally, and do not know what to say, things get stuck. When things get stuck the wound can fester. We come in, reestablish a safe space and facilitate conversations that heal. When people are listened to they feel valued. And when they feel valued they want to remain in the community.

When the stew is not stirred things burn and get ruined. When the pot is stirred, properly and with care, the food can be delicious and people are nourished. Mission accomplished.

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