Can you believe it?   I used to be a priest.  Why did I leave and what did I learn?  And how did I get into construction?  Come to my Book Release Party March 25th and find out.

I wrote this book to help others communicate more effectively and use their personal power in ways that saves lives and leads to healthier relationships.  I wrote it for you!

  • Do you have anyone in your life not taking accountability for their words or actions?
  • Have you been impacted by others who misuse or abuse their power?
  • Do you think safety rules, including Covid-19, are over-cooked and take the juice out of life?
  • Then this book release party and this book, is for you.

If you love working w/those who do not take responsibility or abuse power than this book is NOT for you.

This book was originally intended just for contractors, but it is for anyone who wants to understand why people communicate the way they do and what leads to emotionally healthier and physically safer work places.  The book is titled, Personal Accountability and POWER: How Contractors Can Build a Stronger Safety Culture. Please come, the story of the book will inspire you. Fr. Vito will be hosting the party, please come and raise a drink with him.

It is Thurs March 25th, 4-4:45 CDT.  You will need to get a FREE ticket on Eventbrite, (just click this link) to attend.  I’m giving away two $25 Cabela’s Gift Cards.

Can’t make the party?  you can order the book on Amazon or Barnes and Noble., just click those links and order. Do not pay $25 ..they are $19.99.

Come have a drink with me and Fr. Vito on March 25th.