My wife Kristen had a car accident recently.  In our driveway.  It was not the first time.  She expected me to blow up and shower her with blame.  I did neither.  Why not?   Because I “accused myself” first, as recommended by the Persian poet Rumi:

When something goes wrong, accuse yourself first.
Even the wisdom of Plato or Solomon
can wobble and go blind.

We had a friend who parked in our driveway right behind our garage.  As I pulled out, I saw the car was there and dodged it.  I wondered, “Would she see it?” (We have a steep driveway, and it is hard to see what is behind your car as you back out)…and thought “I should call her” but did not.

So later, when I learned there had been a minor fender bender in our driveway I was as cool as the cucumbers in my garden.  I shared a small amount of the responsibility, and it helped us take care of the business of fixing cars, as a team.

I am aware that this is not the natural response, or easy.  Blame is as common as dandelions.  Taking accountability for our part when something goes wrong is a possibility, for all of us.

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And if you can’t get the book, don’t worry, I won’t blame you!