There are lots of ways in which power is misused. Sometimes it looks like unethical business decisions or sexual misconduct (as I wrote about in Misuse of Power—Part I) and other times it looks more benign—like a leader who is lost in their ego-self or taking up too much air space.

I had the chance to make an intervention, in a situation where I felt that someone was unconsciously misusing their power, where I put myself in a vulnerable spot that improved my experience and woke the leader up to what was happening.

Kristen, my wife, told me that a famous energy healer whom she knew personally was coming to town and she wanted me to go with her to the event. I shall call her Dr. Philamina (not her real name) and I learned that she possessed rare gifts, like being able to see the auras of people.  And being able to heal people energetically.  I had no idea what that meant.  Kristen warned me that she could sometimes get off track and tell stories about herself and if she did so the evening might not be all that interesting. The cost of the event was $25. That seemed like a lot of money for me back then for a two hour event. Nevertheless I reluctantly agreed to go, and quietly planned to get my money’s worth from it.

About 200 people assembled in the room to hear this renowned teacher. Dr. Philamina began the evening by looking at our auras. I raised my hand to have her scan mine. She saw a hole in my field and said I was leaking energy near my first chakra. Yikes. That didn’t sound good, even though I wasn’t entirely sure where my first chakra was or what it meant to “leak energy” from it.

Then for the next 45 minutes Dr. Philamina told stories showcasing her amazing talents, like how when she walks through a metal detector with no metal on her body that she sets it off the detector by the sheer force of her energy field and how people’s watches sometimes do not work when she is nearby. The crowd was mesmerized by her presence. I was bored and fidgety. I felt that racing-pulse feeling I occasionally get that says “I gotta say something!” I debated with myself on what to do for about 10 minutes. Could I interrupt her and say something that would positively shift the energy of what was happening? What right did I have to say anything to such a venerable healer? Eventually I took a deep breath, raised my trembling hand and said something like this, “Excuse me Dr. Philamina, but I am here because my wife tells me you are an amazing healer and I believe her. I read your book. Much of what you are now saying is in the book. I think you have more to offer us than you are presently giving us.” (I will admit this was not the most skillful intervention I’ve ever attempted but it seemed better than staying silent.) At first she went on the attack, defending herself and questioning my authority to know about what she could or could not give us. I became really nervous and felt a bit dizzy. Then miraculously, she switched her attitude and asked me, in a voice that sounded a little like Jesus speaking to a blind man: “What do you want?” I responded, sounding like I was outside of my own body: “I want my energy leak to be plugged. You are a healer and I want to be healed” She gently replied, “Come up front here and get on the table.” I was flabbergasted; the group was stunned. She had a massage table and began to do energy-healing work on me, in front of the whole crowd. It was unbelievable. She was pumping so much energy into me I thought she was plugged into an electrical outlet. I had to look at her hands to make sure it wasn’t trickery. I had never felt anything like it in my life. She rocked my world. I could feel healing energy all through my body. My need for healing, and desire to get my money’s worth was met in spades. I don’t know if she plugged my leak but do know I had more energy than I knew what to do with for weeks and it even affected my voice—I was able to sing a deep note in a Cat Steven’s song that I never could before.

She, when I sat down, then proceeded to teach with more awareness and humility. I was able to help her wake up to what she was doing and she was able to help me plug my first chakra. It was a fair exchange as far as I was concerned. We were both able to use our power more effectively.

Wouldn’t the world be better off if more people were able to help each other use their power with more awareness? I challenge you to take a risk the next time you can. Take a deep breath, connect to your heart and go for it. If nothing else it will make for a good story.