Too close to call.  We do not yet know for sure who the next President will be.  A lot of people are feeling anxious now.

Maybe your breathing is shallow even as you read this.   Are you taking at least 5 seconds to exhale? (always better to exhale a little longer than your inhale, up to 8 is recommended for deeper relaxation).  If you are feeling a little on edge, or maybe like you are in the midst of a battle, click here for a simple breathing exercise.

This election process was even more polarized and intense than the last one, so we can expect that the aftermath will be challenging.

And if all else fails and your world is getting too challenging, I am doing a webinar on Nov 24th, 12-1:30 CDT, called “Managing Difficult People”  click for more info (scroll to bottom of that link for details).

Thank you for reading.  Protect yourself by being calm, connected and confident. We will get through this one!