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This is not about guns.

I do not know enough about guns to be an activist about guns.

I do know about communication.  It is about people speaking up respectfully and effectively when something is awry.  This is my business.

This is info about a confidential app to report warning signs of possible gun violence or suicide.  See link here for the quick summary brochure of the signs that someone may be likely to cause big trouble.
In four out of five school shootings, attackers tell someone about their plans beforehand – and that’s why we made a powerful new video to help prevent more tragedies from happening.

We hope you’ll watch and share the video so more people can learn how saying something and reporting warning signs can save lives. Click here for the video. It is gripping. 

Please help support them if you can and please forward to everyone else you know!  (also there are many well-organized marches happening March 24th, join one or attempt to become curious about what they are doing and why, if you disagree).
Read more below if you wish from the Sandy Hook Promise group.

Use your power to make the world a better-safer place.