How is your well being? Physically, financially, emotionally? Maybe you had a great year, personally and professionally. Perhaps you had a horrible year. Most likely it was a mix.

Many believe that our well being comes, in large part, from the way we access and use our power, which is related to the way we use our rank. And this year has been challenging on our well being. Maybe you are an introvert, getting your same good paycheck, staying at home most days and secretly you are thriving. You are wondering why others are having such a hard time. You feel empowered, though perhaps a tad guilty. Maybe you are an extrovert missing the social exchanges you normally get daily and you lost income because of Covid-19. You feel somewhat down, and longing for more interaction and more income. You may believe that everyone is down. They are not.

When our well being is strong we may be less aware of others. When rank is high awareness is low. How can we become more aware of others around us? We can be curious: what kind of year have they had? what are they feeling? what kind of communication would make their day at this extra stressful time in life?

I went and dropped off a nice little Christmas gift to one of my clients this week. It was a person that I irritated by sending a too-strong email recently. It took eating some humble pie for me to move from disgruntled to grateful for his business. I did so with some help from my coach.

If you have excellent health, and your money world is strong, it may behoove you to remember the 320,000+ who have died of Covid in the USA just this year, or the people living in homeless encampments here in Minnesota. 320K is more than the whole city of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Give thanks for what you have…wash your hands, wear your mask, eat the humble pie and say your prayers. I look forward to reconnecting with you in 2021 and seeing what adventures we can create together.

Happy Holidays to you all!